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Wheeler & Wheeler focuses on undervalued properties that need redevelopment or value enhancement. We have acquired REO properties from institutional owners as well as assets from individuals. By focusing on the market for the finished project, and with strict margin requirements, we are able to determine the best price possible for each asset and then closely manage the redevelopment process to insure strict adherence to budget. We have successfully redeveloped and re-purposed office projects, historical projects, as well as residential and resort properties. We often pursue these properties in partnerships we form and manage with other investors.

Separately, our expertise allows us to represent lenders who are desirous of disposing of REO assets and can maximize the value for the lender based on their extensive experience and knowledge.

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Zack Wheeler has been licensed since 2004 and has been associated with Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage the entire time. He has received numerous awards and recognition form Rookie of the Year to attaining the Central Carolinas Association of Realtors Circle of Excellence. He has is Epro and SFS designations and is a graduate of Leadership Columbia. Zack graduated from the University of South Carolina with a degree in Political Science and a minor in Business. His client list ranges from individual buyers and seller to representing lenders in REO properties as well as institutional buyers. Zack combines significant technological marketing expertise with one-on-one client service.

Jeff Wheeler's career spans 35 years. He has been recognized as both the Charlotte and Columbia Real Estate Leader of the Year. He has served as COO for Coldwell Banker Real Estate LLC with over 1900 offices worldwide and owned one of the top 10 Coldwell Banker franchises in their system. He has successfully marketed hundreds of millions of dollars of residential and commercial real estate. Ranging from individual homes to a 50-million-dollar luxury high rise. He works with both individual and institutional buyers and sellers on both the residential and commercial markets. He is a nationally known speaker and consultant, and has worked on both the private and public sectors.

Wheeler and Wheeler has been involved in other acquisitions and depositing of distressed priority both for long term investment and for quick resale.

Project: McCants

ProjectPhotos360 McCants

McCants was originally constructed in 1931 as an elementary school. Wheeler & Wheeler acquired the property on 2016 and utilizing state and federal tax credits for the preservation of historical buildings, completed the conversion to 11 condominium units. The project is under consideration for several awards. The property will be held for rental for five years before being offered for sale.

Project: Lady Street

ProjectPhotos360 LadyStreet

1522 Lady Street was listed in the historical register as a home, but is located in a heavily commercial district. Its value and preservation was better served as an office given its location across from the new US School of Law. With renovations competed the property is leased to to a law firm. It's positive cash flow and excellent location make it a strong economic investment.

Project: Palmetto Boulevard

ProjectPhotos360 PalmettoBlvd

506 Palmetto Boulevard was a distressed property falling into foreclosure. Purchased in 2015, Wheeler & Wheeler through a partnership as Venture Aloft One, acquired the site, met the requirements for a pre-engineered septic tank system and secured the needed permits to construct a 1900 square foot home on on the oceanfront at Edisto Beach. The property will be brought online in 2018.

Project: Monroe Street

ProjectPhotos360 Monroe

Monroe Street was an abandoned and foreclosed home in the heart of one of Columbia’s premiere neighborhoods. Acquired from a banks REO department, Wheeler and Wheeler did a complete renovation and the property sold in one day realizing in a significant gain for the partnership.

Project: 108 Park Terrace 

108 Park Terrace.png 2

108 Park Terrace is a 9000 square foot office building previously used as a medical clinic that is being repurposed into office space. Located between high traffic Harbison Boulevard and Bower Parkway it will be an ideal location for a business wanting access to the local market as well as statewide traffic from I-20 and I-26. Two elevators and ample parking make this an excellent opportunity.

IMG 2547Econowatch

Leaders make decisions based on three I's: information, input and intuition. Having the right information is as critical as being able to apply it properly. The Wall Street Journal published a book titled "50 Leading Economic Indicators." If you follow the indicators then you are either an economist or an academic. For today's businessperson, finding that data "at a glance" to capture the overall view of the market will help identify trends and frame decisions.

So Where Are We Going?

I am a big fan of indexes; they help you get a better perspective on the myriad of factors that influence the economy in our world. I have several that I follow on a regular basis that help me draw a broader perspective; some of these indexes are very difficult to follow, others relatively easy, but I have a new one to introduce to you and it is called the "Moorea Index".

My wife and I recently celebrated our 30th anniversary and spent some time on the island of Moorea. During that stay we had the chance to meet and interact with the associate director of the resort. He was a remarkably open person and while had a decidedly European view of the world, also had an element of pragmatism that I really appreciated. He shared with me that historically 35% to 40% of their visitors have been from the USA, although over the past several years, due to the economy, it had dropped to 28%. However in the last 12 months it had risen to almost 32%. I am calling this the "Moorea Index" and it shows me that the economy is starting to turn.

On the downside, you still have to ask the question, what has really changed in the last two years? On August 3, 2011 the "Wall Street Journal" article by David Wessel had two disturbing quotes. The first quote was from Paul Romer a New York University economist who said "Congress is for sale at bargain basement prices". He said we need more independent bodies making decisions such as the BRAC Commission. But Wessel writes to answer the question for the United States requires "coalescing behind the strategy for growth, and creating incentives so talent and capital flow to promising sectors". My question is: Who has that strategy? Not the government, which continues to crop up in an antiquated and bankrupt company called the US Post Office. Is it private industry, or are we in business so focused on those things that constitute the status quo and protect our best interests?

While I am a big fan of indexes, I am a bigger fan of leadership. Indexes show you results, leadership gets results, and throughout the history of our country the great leaders have not come from organizations. George Washington came from retirement. Abraham Lincoln came from failure. Thomas Edison came from the laboratory.

Check out our key indicators below and then apply the three "i's" to make decisions.

Asset managers, property owners and institutional owners of real estate who desire to either maximize the returns form their property or who need to dispose of assets in a manner that maximizes return and minimizes time on the market should contact Wheeler and Wheeler, 1711 Gervais Street, Columbia, SC 29201.  

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